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ALLS WELL (1941) COLOR SOUND275 viewsGabby tries to put a diaper on a cranky baby. Animation by David Tendlar and William Nolan. Music by Sammy Timberg.
A TALE OF TWO KITTIES (1942) COLOR SOUND187 viewsTwo inept cats attempt to catch Tweety bird.
BOOM BOOM (1936) B&W SOUND159 viewsB&W WARNER BROS (1936) Rel 2/29/36 World War I, apparently. There is a series of quick blackout gags, including a soldier that throws the pin, is blown sky-high by the grenade, and is caught in a net by an ambulance driver; one soldier's encounters with very smart bullets; a machine gunner with the jitters. Porky leads a charge, but with no support from his company, he runs back and dives under Beans' bunk. After a quick chorus of "You're in the Army Now," a messenger pigeon drops in with news that General Hardtack is being held prisoner. They dash off in a motorcycle/sidecar, chased by another smart bullet, and arrive in the nick of time to dispatch the general's captors. They fly off in a plane and get shot down to end up together in the hospital.
CHICKEN A LA KING (1937) COLOR SOUND186 viewsThe 17th of Fleischer Studios Color Classics series, which competed against Disney's Silly Symphonies. A Mae West-like duck draws the sultan of the chickens into a love triangle.
DIXIELAND DROOPY (1954) COLOR SOUND213 viewsOne of the best Droopy's and a somewhat a typical Tex Avery cartoon. This short by Avery is somewhat different from his normal approach of firing as many sight gags at the audience as possible as rapidly as possible. There is actually something of a story here and the jokes principally flow from the premise of a dog who loves Dixieland jazz. There are some beautiful scenes hee and the connection of music and animation is great, particularly in one portion of a chase sequence! Most recommended.

HOME ON THE RANGE (1940) COLOR SOUND591 viewsTo the sound of the title song being sung by a campfire, a cow and her calf are bedding down for the night. The calf is frightened by a shadow, until it's revealed to be a jackrabbit. He follows the rabbit deep into the woods, but neither of them notices the wolf following until it's too late for the calf. The calf is trapped in a niche under some rocks, which the wolf quickly digs out. The wolf is closing in on the calf when the rabbit tries to distract him, to no avail. The rabbit bounds off in search of the calf's mother, while the other animals use a porcupine like a battering ram. This buys enough time for the calf to run for home, just as the rabbit and cow are closing in. One look and the wolf runs off, and everyone heads home, with the calf looking back to thank the rabbit, whose ears clasp together above his head in victory.
KATNIP KOLLEGE (1938) COLOR SOUND281 viewsAt the Katnip Kollege, we see a roomful of cats taking a course in Swingology. Everyone swings except Johnny, who can't cut it and has to sit in the dunce chair. Miss Kitty Bright tells him to look her up when he learns how to swing. Finally, listening to the pendulum clock at night, Johnny gets the beat. He rushes out to where everyone is playing and sings "Easy As Rollin' Off a Log" to Kitty Bright. She joins in; he grabs a trumpet for an instrumental break, with the complete band. They both fall off a log; she covers him with kisses.
LITTLE BUCK CHEESER (1937) COLOR SOUND416 viewsLittle Cheeser and his friends, inspired by Buck Rogers (and visions of cheese) build a rocket ship and fly to the moon.
LITTLE JOHNNY JET (1953) COLOR SOUND537 viewsVirtually identical in plot terms to 'One Cab's Family' (1952), but this time round it concerns a family of airplanes and the problems Mom and Pop have with Junior, whose obsession with speed leads him to acquire a jet engine.
LITTLE TINKER (1948) COLOR SOUND323 viewsB.O. Skunk finds himself attracted to various other animals, but one whiff and they run away. He tries some extreme techniques, including a Frank Sinatra impersonation; that gets the stage mobbed, but they still run away. Finally, he tries camouflaging himself as a fox, only to meet and fall for another skunk disguised as a fox.
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