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A BRIDGE TOO FAR154 viewsDirected by Richard Attenborough, A Bridge Too Far details a pivotal day during World War II when an Allied task force tried -- and failed -- to win the war by seizing key bridges in Holland. The film boasts a cast of thousands (including Sean Connery, Robert Redford, James Caan, Anthony Hopkins and Laurence Olivier) and some of the biggest battle sequences ever filmed.

BLAZING SADDLES98 viewsPolitically incorrect and relentlessly funny, Mel Brooks's take on Hollywood Westerns follows the tortured trail of freed slave Bart, who's elected sheriff of the racist town of Rock Ridge. He must foil a land-grabbing governor (Brooks) with help from a washed-up, pot-smoking gunslinger (Gene Wilder).

BOYS TOWN (1938) B&W SOUND99 viewsAgainst all odds Father Flanagan starts "Boys' Town" after hearing a convict's story. Whitey Marsh comes there. He runs away but, hungry, returns. He runs away again but, when friend Pee Wee is hit by a car, returns. He runs away and joins his brother's gang. Flanagan and the boys capture the crooks and the reward saves the town.
CAPTAIN BLOOD (1935) B&W SOUND118 viewsThe quintessential swashbuckler. Irish doctor Peter Blood is wrongly sentenced to deportation and slavery to the Caribbean. There he amuses himself with insults at DE Havilland. He plans an escape and now seeking vengeance forms an alliance with the French buccaneer Rathbone. However during their glorious piracy they capture DE Havilland and Flynn's feelings are betrayed when he challenges Rathbone over her.
CLEOPATRA120 viewsThis epic saga of love, greed and betrayal -- which won four Oscars -- stars Elizabeth Taylor as the passionate and ambitious Egyptian queen. Determined to hold on to the throne, she seduces the Roman emperor Julius Caesar (Rex Harrison). When Caesar is murdered, however, she redirects her attentions to his general, Marc Antony (Richard Burton), who vows to take power. But Caesar's successor (Roddy McDowall) has other plans.
HOW THE WEST WAS WON (1962) COLOR SOUND97 viewsSprawling epic which follows the Prescotts, an emigrant family through four generations, from the Erie Canal in the 1830's to their settled home in the West a half a century later. On the way they encounter river pirates, and escape with the help of fur trapper Linus Rawlings (James Stewart), who subsequently marries one of their daughters, Eve (Carroll Baker). The parents are drowned on a foundering raft, and the other daughter Lilith (Debbie Reynolds) becomes a riverboat singer and catches the eye of a genteel adventurer Cleve Van Valen (Gregory Peck). They cross the plains together in a wagon train and make and lose a fortune in California; meanwhile Linus has turned farmer and, comes the Civil War, joins the Union Army and is killed at the Battle of Shiloh. One of his sons Zeb (George Peppard) also joins the army and stays after the war as a cavalry officer and is sent to Colorado to help guard the pioneering railroad against the Indians, whose land they are crossing. By this time Lilith is the elderly lady of the family, having survived long enough to see the dream of settlement realized, but not, mercifully, the aerial shots of the Los Angeles freeway traffic with which the film ends.
KING OF KINGS (1961) COLOR SOUND92 viewsWhen the Romans under General Pompey conquer Judea in 63 BC, an era of despair and fear begins for the Jewish people. In the trials and persecutions that the Jews suffer under the Romans and under King Herod, they take hope in the promise that the Messiah someday would come. In the reign of Augustus, when Jesus is born in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph, there are some who recognize him as the future king of the Jews. Later, when Jesus reaches adulthood and begins to appear in public, there are many different responses to his message, and there are also those who wish to use him for their own purposes.
NORTH BY NORTHWEST93 viewsWhat if everyone around you was suddenly convinced you were a spy? This classic from master director Alfred Hitchcock stars Cary Grant as an advertising executive who looks a little too much like someone else and is forced to go on the lam (helped along by Eva Marie Saint). Hitchcock's sure-handed comic drama pits Grant against a crop duster and lands him in a fight for his life on Mount Rushmore. That's a cliffhanger if ever there was one!
THE AGONY AND THE ECSTACY79 viewsRenaissance artist Michelangelo (Charlton Heston) begrudgingly paints the Sistine Chapel for imperious Pope Julius II (Rex Harrison) in this adaptation of Irvine Stone's novel. While the novel covers Michelangelo's life from birth to death, the film focuses on the battle of wills between the perfectionist artist and the impatient Pope who commissions (and eventually commands) Michelangelo to paint the famed chapel. Diane Cilento also stars.
THE ROBE100 viewsHardened Roman Marcellus Gallio (Richard Burton) oversees the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. But problems arise when Marcellus wins Christ's robe in a dice game, played beneath the dying man. Haunted by guilt, Marcellus hopes that destroying the garment -- now in the possession of his escaped slave (Victor Mature) -- will cure his hallucinations. The film won Oscars for Best Costume Design, Best Art Direction and Best Set Decoration.
THREE GODFATHERS121 viewsThree outlaws on the run discover a dying woman and her baby. They swear to bring the infant to safety across the desert, even at the risk of their own lives. Directed by John Ford starring John Wayne, Pedro Armendariz, and Harry Carey Jr.
YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN109 viewsShot in glorious black and white, writer-director Mel Brooks' finest work both parodies and salutes the 1930s Frankenstein movies. Co-writer Gene Wilder soars as mad scientist Frederich Frankenstein ("Fronkensteen!" he insists), with hilarious support from Marty Feldman as Igor, Peter Boyle as the monster, Teri Garr, and the late, great Madeline Kahn. Also provides a beaker full of extras.
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