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" Music Videos" from the 1940's and early 1950's.

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News Reels


Vintage news reels from the past.

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Early short subjects from yesteryear.

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Vintage commercials and ads.

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Burlesque And Striptease


Vintage burlesque and striptease videos.

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SUNBEAM BREAD COMMERCIAL REEL 3 (1950'S) B&W SOUND105 viewsFairly Typical commercial with little to make it stand out. However, It did make me hungry, and it does sell the product well.
SUNBEAM BREAD COMMERCIAL REEL 4 (1950'S) B&W SOUND118 viewsAnother in the series of over-enthusiastic Sunbeam bread. This one is pretty mediocre; boy in a cowboy outfit leaps out of a suburban home, and pedals his clearly stationary bicycle to pick up bread, which has the picture of Hopalong Cassidy on the package. No real outragous claims. No creepy imagry. Pretty tame compared to some of the others in the series.
SUNBEAM BREAD COMMERCIAL REEL 8 (1950'S) B&W SOUND193 viewsAnother in a series of slightly creepy Sunbeam bread commercials. This one has a boy dressed up a cowboy. When the boy find they are out of Sunbeam bread, the narrator urges the boy to run to the store (complete with shopping cart!) and stock up. Where are this boys' parents? This is the 1950s, after all. Anyway, after the boy buys the bread, the narrator goes on about the nutritional value of the bland white bread and urges us to eat it "five times a day".
SUNBEAM BREAD COMMERCIAL REEL 9 (1950'S) B&W SOUND169 viewsA man takes his granddaughters to the beach along with a picnic of Sunbeam sandwiches. Where are mom and grandma? And the annoying little cowboy we see in the other Sunbeam ads? All the Sunbeam ads are directed at women, yet we dont see any women actually buying the bread or making sandwiches. During the fifties, women either baked their own bread or went to the corner bakery. Why should they buy some overpriced, tasteless bread like Sunbeam at the supermarket? Sunbeams solution was to pitch their bread to the less perceptive family memberslike the kids and granddad. Mom gets stuck buying the bread, but she can fob it off on grandpa when he takes the kids to the beach. Then she and grandma can have a civilized lunch at home that doesnt include junk bread like Sunbeam.
REG KEHOE AND THE MARIMBA QUEENS158 viewsThere's something about this clip that is almost surreal--The grainy black and white images, the sameness of most of the performers (all quite thin and "brunette" as they said back then, with the exception of the marimba player at Reg's right hand) and most of all the music. The Marimba Queens and Reg Kehoe would be so surprised to see themselves on the Internet. They recorded about 20 musical pieces, a couple of comedy skits and a radio broadcast interview in the 40's. That kool kat playing the bass was none other than the one and only Frank DeNunzio Sr. of Hersey,Pa.He played his stand bass.
STAR AND GARTER909 viewsAMAZING stag reel which features Georgia Sothern (and yes! That isn't a typo!) doing her dance from the 'musical hit' 'Star and Garter' (which, amazingly after a bit of research actually existed! With Gypsy Rose Lee! Anyways, either this reel is sped up quite a bit, or Miss Sothern is very close to suffering some mal seizures, because she is SERIOUSLY whipping her head around in this one.
RHUMBA AMELIA766 viewsA burlesque short starring Amalia Aguilar. Part of "Joe Bonica presents the Movie of the Month" nudie film series. During this segment, she does some acrobatic tricks, such as doing a complete backbend and picking up a handkerchief in her mouth, and doing the splits.
HOLLYWOOD BOOGIE159 viewsThelma White and Her All-Girl Orchestra, Leader of the early 1940'S all female band does more singing and dancing than conducting. She is a combo of Martha Raye and Betty Hutton. Flashy Boogie Woogie number.

GERTIE THE DINOSAUR (1914) B&W SILENT279 viewsThis is an odd little film featuring Winsor McCay--the creator of Gertie the Dinosaur and Little Nemo. And, just as in his first Little Nemo film, much of this film features Winsor McCay with his friends (all animators and lovers of animation) and only in the second half do you get to see Gertie. Ostensively, the film is about a bet Winsor made with his friends that he can make a dinosaur come to life--and he does in the form of a short cartoon featuring the lovable character "Gertie". While Gertie is very crude and simple compared to later color cartoons, there is still a lot of charm in the character and the film is a wonderful time capsule. Of great importance to Cinephiles and lovers of early animation.

May 31, 2008
TITANIC FOOTAGE (1912) B&W SILENT387 viewsActual footage of the Titanic, Crew, and her Survivors.May 31, 2008
GIVE ME LIBERTY (1936) COLOR SOUND582 viewsGeorge Washington tries to encourage gifted orator Patrick Henry to use his considerable powers to argue the case for colonial independence before the Virginia House of Burgesses, but the lawmaker's promise to his wife initially deters him. When the political climate changes, she eventually gives her consent, and Henry delivers his rousing "Give Me Liberty" speech to an enthusiastic legislature.May 31, 2008
THINGS WE CAN DO WITHOUT (1953) B&W SOUND321 viewsA Pete Smith Specialty shorts series entry. Dave demonstrates a variety of household items and furniture which, while modern, is much more trouble than the progress is worth.May 31, 2008
HOLLYWOOD BOOGIE159 viewsThelma White and Her All-Girl Orchestra, Leader of the early 1940'S all female band does more singing and dancing than conducting. She is a combo of Martha Raye and Betty Hutton. Flashy Boogie Woogie number.
May 23, 2008
CHERRY KNIGHT2510 viewsThis lady was one of the most successful models
and dancers of the 1940s and 1950s, with a national following. Her pictures are STILL being posted today on news groups and fan sites. The film is a fair example of her enduring appeal.
She is far from physically perfect, but it is her
earthy human quality that makes her timeless.
May 23, 2008
BRUNETTE2272 viewsBrunette woman takes it off in this vintage stag reel, done better than the blonde video.May 23, 2008
BLONDE2050 viewsBlonde woman takes it off in this vintage stag reel.May 23, 2008


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